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Welcome to Kidney Care Corporation

If you or a loved one is experiencing kidney disease or has already been diagnosed with a kidney disease, the experts at Kidney Care Corporation are available to help you take control of any kidney issues you’ve been facing.

Dr. Bialick Tabibian is a trained kidney specialist and is able to provide you or a family member with the treatment plan and care for your specific kidney diseases. Talking with a professional and having an evaluation will put your mind at ease when making important decisions in planning the future of your kidney care.

Dr. Tabibian looks forward to work with you in improving your life. We encourage all of our patients to ask any questions about the treatment in order to continue living your life to the fullest.

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We are here for you to make a positive change in your life.

Services offered:

Patient Care

This includes every aspect of care for patient with kidney failure – Consultative Services for diagnosis and treatment of Kidney Malfunction, Evaluation and treatment of hypertension,and appropriate diagnostic tests such as Echo Cardiogram.

- Treatment and evaluation of Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) as a major cause of atherosclerosis and poor circulation

- Nutritional Advise of High Blood Pressure, Obesity and Diabetes

Preventive Care

This includes taking action on the two main causes of kidney failure -diabetes and hypertension

- Evaluation and treatment of kidney stones

- Evaluation for kidney transplant

- Annual Physical Exams and necessary diagnostic testing

Evaluation and Treatment

This includes evaluation and treatment and even diagnostic tests for kidney stones and peripheral vascular diseases.

- Autoimmune Disease Evaluation and Treatment as it relates to kidney disease.

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 Thanks to your staff. Because of your uttermost attention, I am now well. I wont forget what your team has done for me.

— John Young



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